And, trust us, it doesn't only happen on a psychedelic journey 🌌
It can break creative blocks, cultivate hope and activate our senses
If we're getting fancy, it's called eustress - and it matters more than happiness.
Some experts say it's been more impactful for our evolution than having opposable thumbs.

February 2023

The counterintuitive nature of building creative habits, explained.
Daydreamers finally has a new home on the Internet, and we're pumped.
Biologically, we become more creative with age.
It's the easiest way to recharge your brain 🧠

January 2023

It's srsly meant for all of us - plus, a story from our founders
Our mental well-being is more expansive than you may think.
It'll lead to more motivation (and happiness), we🀞🏽
From our POV, Maslow's Hierarchy needs a rebrand 🧠